Reimagine V: Paper Gestures

Paper Gestures is a series of three responsive paper interfaces, that intra-act and react to human behaviour and their direct environment, transforming the ancient, previously passive and low-tech material into a dynamic, active and responding medium.

Through their design and the application of water, the paper objects become alive and responsive, acting in an autonomous manner and become an interface that works without the needs of other devices.

Being inspired by functionalities currently executed by conventional smart devices and technology, the material interfaces give us a new perception of  time and spaces – reacting in motion, notifying us and dimming the light through their subtle and unobtrusive response.

Paper Motion

Paper can be an actuator

Inspired by conventional technological actuators such as motors or solenoids, which transform electrical energy into physical energy, the idea is to transduce the stimuli energy caused by the natural environment, into other forms of energy.

Could the motion of material behaviour be used to design future actuators?

Paper Notification

Paper can tell the time

Inspired by smart devices that notify and remind us about tasks, incidents or events the aim is to transform paper into a notifying object that communicates through the change of its properties at a certain time.

Could this be an indicator for a new device notifying us about tasks and events in an unobtrusive and playful manner?

Paper Electronics

Paper can conduct electricity

Inspired by a smart light switches that can dim light automatically the idea is transform paper into a light switch regulating the duration and intensity of an LED. It is the idea to demonstrate the autonomous and smart behaviour of paper being able to fulfil a functionality that is currently done through a complex combination of electronic devices.

The paper decides how long the light is lit before it eventually shuts off. Could this be lamp that regulates ambient light like conventional smart lights?

The idea is not to propose a specific product or application but rather create awareness on the agency of materials and their hidden potential for future responsive devices.

Paper Gestures