Reimagine II: Emotions

Material is a responsive interface

Material always carries information and visualizes else invisible phenomena such as time, energy, gravity or emotions. In this study, participants were asked to translate an emotion that was provoked through a question into a piece of paper.

Not only the paper “remembers” by staying in a certain shape but also the person can imagine remembering a feeling or story just by looking at the shape of the paper object. It is an object that is informed with emotions that is legible on a personal scale. Would it be possible to make it legible for others?

Positive emotions:

The shapes of paper are more organic, rounded or dynamic. Participants use tearing, rolling and folding to express their feelings. Similar shapes evolve in participant 1 & 2. 

Negative emotions:

The shapes of paper are more rectangular. All participants use folding or crumpling the paper.